Sunday, September 30, 2007

The U.S. Messiah

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A new poll says that 30% of Americans already know who they are going to vote for. It's more than a year away from "Fantasy President Election Day" and already people know who they want to be their "saviour"!

I say "saviour", because, people want to believe that the next leader of the supposed "free world" is going to solve all of our problems. This couldn't be farther from reality. Wake up! The next one isn't going to change a thing!

You thought an all Dem house would do it and you see how far that made it.

These candidates waging war on each other, so early in the game, on the premise of, " I voted no on the war" or " I voted no on the funding" or "did I do that?".

Are you really going to vote for the next man or woman that says they are the "Big Fix" to what this administration has done? Has anything changed in the past 50years of administrations promising, "Read My Lips"? NO! I've read their lying lips long enough to know that they do what they want, and each administration sets things in motion on purpose for the next.

If this weren't true, American government would be likened to having A.D.H.D., because, change would be an everyday occurrence. So I plead with all intelligent, informed minds, to not believe the "Obamamania" or the Clinton "mommy government" machine, the Giuliani exploitations or an other candidates double-talk!

They are not going to save you! Any more than Christ is coming to take you from this evil world because you're such a good christian person.

The 21st century infinite war machine is here to stay regardless of what lie you believe this time around.

No "U.S. Messiah" is going to come stop this violence, especially one with blood money lined pockets as deep as these fools!!!

SNIFF..SNIFF..SMELL THAT? IT'S THE BILL OF RIGHTS BURNING!!I believe that God is not a "master pupetteer" of the human race, but He gave everyone a FREE CHOICE, and is a potent force in my life. I am not a "bible-thumper" nor religious!! Religion is BELIEF WITHOUT THOUGHT! I am just me, I hate labels!! Labels are for governments and people of the like, so they know who to persecute!! I belong to no church or religious affiliation. We are in the "Age of Lies" and I need no Man behind a pulpit OR THE WHITE HOUSE to tell me how to behave or believe. God is not a genie there to grant your every wish, nor do we live in a theocracy as some would have you think! "Govern Yourself" would be my motto. I have 3 wonderful children 6, 4, and 2. My beautiful wife (karmarox) of 5 years is an accomplished author/editor who published articles in the St.Petersburg Times. I was raised paleoconservative/evangelical(so I'm proof upbringing doesn't dictate who you are). I went to a private college prep school. I'm an artist(dadaism), carpenter/contractor, soon to be helicopter pilot. Trying to protest without getting tasered!! LET THE EMPIRE BE REVEALED!!

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