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At This Point, How Can You Still Believe That 19 Hijacker Story?

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I realize that all politicians and all members of the mainstream press repeat the story over and over again. I realize that all politicians and all members of the mainstream media never even question a single detail of the story. I realize that there are Americans all around you who believe the story without question. But, do you realize how many Americans around you question the story so much so, that they’ve spent hours and hours researching, discovering, uncovering, learning and sharing the facts with other Americans?

At this point, you have heard that there are people who don’t believe the story.

You have heard that these people are conspiracy theorists, crazies and kooks. If you watch Fox News and CNN, you’ve heard that these people should be locked up in camps for having the audacity to question the US government.

We’re talking about over 100 million Americans and growing. You’ve heard that these people hate Bush and they hate the government and they hate Jews.

You’ve heard that all of the conspiracy theories have been debunked by Popular Mechanics and the 9/11 Commission Report. You’ve heard there are some crazy theories, such as space beam weapons and TV fakery, and these ‘tin-foil hat’ people believe all of these stories, just so they don’t have to face the reality that there are people out there who hate us and want to kill us for our freedom.

But, at this point, have you come to realize the dishonesty of this administration? Have you come to realize the dishonesty of the corporate propaganda machine known as the mainstream media? Together the government (both, the executive and legislative branches) and the corporate media have lied about the reasons for bombing, attacking and then occupying two countries. Together they have lied about the Patriot Act being written in advance of 9/11 and being passed without being read. Together they have lied about the unrest in America and the fact that a majority of Americans favor impeachment. Together they have lied about torture, wiretapping, the loss of Habeas Corpus, the Military Commissions Act, the Warner Defense Bill and the disaster in Iraq. Together they have lied about the state of the US economy. Together they continue to lie about the North American Union and the NAFTA superhighway being built through the heartland.

Together they continue to lie about the legitimacy of the last three elections, even though scientific analysis proves massive election fraud (not voter fraud).

All of these lies were justified because of the story of the 19 hijackers. But, why do you believe the story of the 19 hijackers? What proof did the team of government and corporate media give you to support the story? Let’s look at some of the obvious points.

Who ordered the attack and who carried out the attack? The story says Osama Bin Laden ordered the attack and that 19 suicidal fanatics carried it out. If this were the case, the FBI would list Bin Laden as being wanted for the crime. They do not, due to, ‘no hard evidence’. [1] If 19 suicidal fanatics carried out the attack, then they would’ve been captured on the security cameras for the actual flights they were, allegedly, boarding. There would be clear passenger lists from the airlines stating their names. Neither proof is available. There was never any Arab DNA found at any of the scenes. There is no proof that Bin Laden ordered the attack or that 19 suicidal fanatics carried out the attack. None.

The story says that four airliners were hijacked and flown in American airspace for over an hour and a half, never intercepted, and that three of the four reached their targets. In addition, two of the airliners, completely disappeared upon impact. There is no forensic, scientific proof that the airliners, said to be hijacked that day, were traced to their impact sites. They were not identified by their tail numbers. What’s more, the Pentagon and Shanksville crime scenes lack any physical evidence whatsoever, that an airliner and its passengers crashed at those sites. There were no titanium engines, no tail sections, no fuselages, no seats, no bodies and no body parts found.[2] There is no proof that airliners crashed in Shanksville and into the Pentagon. None.

The story says that three skyscrapers in New York City completely collapsed to dust at close to freefall speed, because two planes hit the two larger towers. The NIST Report (National Institute on Safety and Standards) ignored the third tower completely and their explanation of the ‘catastrophic collapses’ has changed three times and has never been independently proven tenable. There is not one peer reviewed study to support the government-funded assertions. The laws of physics were violated if those three buildings fell at close to freefall speed, with no additional source of energy. The laws of the physical universe were suspended if those three buildings fell with no resistance. Buildings do not collapse into toxic dust, unless other, physically explainable, forces are present.

What are you using for proof; science or magic, reality or faith?

At this point you should be asking yourself why you believe the story. Instead of leaning on excuses to believe the story, you should be asking for proof of the story. You should be asking yourself what you fear and why do you fear it?

When you are facing the end of freedom, state sponsored censorship, state sponsored torture, permanent war, permanent debt and servitude; you should be asking if suicidal terrorists really created all of this? If you are an intellectual, you should be embarrassed for accepting at face value, a story with no basis in fact.

As a patriot, you should be so frightened by what has become of our once free nation, that you are willing to look at all of the causes for the decline in detail and as a way of knowing, so that you may act to save your republic from its fall. As a conservative, you should be questioning how your convictions have been so openly betrayed. As a liberal, you should be passionately questioning stolen elections, complicit Democratic representatives and blatant power grabs, all in the name of a story.

Who told you the story? Who told them to tell you the story? Who told them to keep repeating the story and to never investigate, to never question and to never expose? Is there any evidence to support the story? Is there any evidence that contradicts the story?

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