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I have read the last three books in John Dean's trilogy of criticism of the Republicans and neo-conservatives. Worse Than Watergate and Conservatives Without Conscience were extremely interesting and informative. Broken Government is the book that really gives the reader startling information about how the Republicans have attempted to destroy the processes that have been the foundation of our constitution. And they have done it in ways that have not been reported by the MSM. I was shocked at the methods the Republicans have used in governance to try to destroy our three branches of government for their benefit and attempt to convert this country into a fascist dictatorship.

At the end of the book, Dean implores the reader to vote against the Republicans in order to save the Constitution and our republic. The final paragraghs below of Broken Government need to be used as the platform for the Democratic Party in every campaign throughout the country.

"As I was writing this closing section, an old friend from the Nixon White House called. Now retired, he is a lifelong Republican who told me that he voted for Bush and Cheney twice, because he knows them both personally. He asked how my new book was coming, and when I told him the title, he remarked, 'I'll say the government's broken.' After we discussed it, he asked how I planned to end the book, since the election was still a good distance away. I told him I was contemplating ending midsentence and immediately fading to black-the way HBO did in the final episode of The Sopranos-but that I would settle for a nice quote from him, on the record. He explained that he constantly has to bite his tongue, and the reason he does not speak out more is because one of his sons is in an important (nonpolitical) government post, and we both know that Republicans will seek revenge wherever they can find it. How about an off-the-record comment? I asked. That he agreed to.

'Just tell your readers that you have a source who knows a lot about the Republican Party from long experience, that he knows all the key movers and shakers, and he has a bit of advice. People should not vote for any Republican, because they're dangerous, dishonest, and self serving. While I once believed that Governor George Wallace had it right, that there was not a dime's worth of difference in the parties, that is no longer true. I have come to realize the Democrats really do care about people who most need help from government. Republicans care most about those who will only get richer because of government help. The government is truly broken, particularly in dealing with national security, and another four years, and heaven forbid not eight years, under the Republicans, and our grandchildren will have to build a new government, because the one we have will be unrecognizable and unworkable."

Those comments summed up our current situation and our possible future as eloquently as anything I could have wished."

Sheldon Drobny was the co-founder of Nova M radio and Air America Radio. He has supported many philanthropic causes and is currently involved in purchasing radio stations for liberal talk radio with his new company, Nova M Radio, Inc. Mr. Drobny specializes in business and tax matters and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court as a non-attorney. Less than 200 non-attorneys have been admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court since its inception in 1942. Mr. Drobny received a Bachelor of Science Degree in accounting from Roosevelt University in Chicago and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, an honorary fraternity recognizing acadamic achievement in colleges of business administration.

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