Saturday, September 29, 2007

Are You an Enlightened Citizen?

I am once again breaking my"tradition" of not posting fund raising requests.........So much fior tradition....LOL...........Common Dreams is one of the suppliers of articles that are posted here.......They are an excellent source of alternative news or at least alternative views.........Let's help keep Independent Media alive............Thanks............PEACE................Scott

September 27, 2007

Dear Common Dreamers,

Thomas Jefferson had it right when he said:

"An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic."

That's why for 10 years, has been committed to this simple goal: To help build community among the millions of progressive Americans by providing a space to share news and ideas. So we can keep the progressive vision – and our democracy – alive.

It's working! We've shown the world that there are millions of progressive Americans who haven't given up in the fight for a just and sustainable future. In fact, more than six million unique 'readers' visit every month.

We are proud of what we've accomplished with a shoestring budget, a small staff of 5 and a growing network of volunteers. But we haven't done it alone – we've always relied on you, our readers, to help harness the power of independent media.

Can we count on your help now?

You may have read the recent op-ed on by Glenn W. Smith, a senior fellow at the Rockridge Institute. Smith wrote:

"Driven by a kind of inertial wishful thinking, the political press and many Americans want to believe we live in an era of politics as usual. But today's conservative movement represents a threat to democracy that has never before had such traction. The will of the people is secondary to their own righteous authority."

The corporate media has played a colossal role in promoting right-wing views and eroding the rights and power of progressive thinkers.

It's no secret why.

Years of buyouts and consolidation have created a monolithic, profit-driven media empire. When giant arms merchants own our TV networks, is it any wonder they produce 24/7 war-cheerleading masquerading as news? When corporate headquarters is focused only on the next quarter's profit report is it any wonder that all-scandals, all-the-time infotainment have replaced real journalism?

Fortunately, the Internet has provided the progressive community with a tool – and along with it, a much-needed new optimism. Technology now makes it much easier to stand up to the right-wing corporate interests that are so intent on controlling everything from what we read to what we say to whose votes are counted. And whose aren't.

I believe our work is critical to the ongoing promotion of a progressive vision. And our readers tell us that our work, as Thomas Jefferson pointed out so long ago, is indispensable. And today, more urgent than ever.

But we can't do it without you. doesn't accept advertising or corporate sponsorships – because we don't want to have to answer to anyone except you. We have no pop-up ads. We don't sell or rent our mailing lists or any of your personal information.

Our funding comes 100% from our readers – from you.

We don't like to be on the receiving end of constant fundraising pitches, so we don't ask for your help often. But now, we must.

Whatever amount you can afford would help us a lot.

Please help us harness the power of the independent media!

You can make your secure, tax-deductible online donation right now here. Or, you can print our donation form and mail it back to us with a check here.

Thanks so much. We can't do it without you.


Craig Brown
Executive Director
for the whole team

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