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So, what's with congress II...the politics of fear!

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Just a few days ago, I asked the rhetorical question of what is wrong with the congress. I asked what it was that made congress so willing to fall into lockstep behind DUBYA. Now, it appears as if there might be an answer to the question.

According to California Representative Jane Harmon, On August 2nd, just before congress was set to go on vacation, there was "specific intelligence"; intelligence that threatened a terrorist attack in DC. This "intelligence" caused an increase in security around the Capital, and finally precipitated into an extension of FISA, thereby insuring that even more of our freedoms have been sublimed in the name of national security.

So what happened? It was later discovered, after the expansion of FISA, that the "specific intelligence" was, in the words of Rep. Harmon, "...bogus." She called the bogus intelligence a, "Rovian strategy of using terrorism as a wedge political issue." SOURCE

First of all, this is no surprise. How many times have we rank and file Americans had the fear button pushed? How many times have we hunkered down, ready to fill our pants with the standard discharges that come from an hyper-stimulated sense of fear? How many times has it turned out that "specific intelligence" is nothing more than a bogeyman? If you said, "every time," you would be right.

In my recent article," It's Autumn, Michael Chertoff, and your gut was wrong," I reiterated all the terrorist attacks that happened on American soil after his tortured tummy told him that terrorist threats were real. Oh, in case you don't know, the actual number of terrorist threats that hit America? If you said, "none," once again, you'd be right.

It should be becoming clear to anyone with a brain that there is something rotten in DC. It should also be rather clear that the only time the terror level rises, or Michael Chertoff experiences a gurgling gastric guffaw, is when someone (DUBYA) somewhere wants to scare the shit out of anyone who is gullible enough to believe the bullshit.

I knew it when I first heard of Chertoff's digestive distress. I have known every time I heard or read news telling me that the sky was falling, that the sky was fine, and the likelihood that we were really threatened was low to non-existent.

Perhaps it's because sometime when I was a kid, I learned how to be incredibly cynical. I thank William Gaines and the "usual gang of idiots" at Mad Magazine for this! Perhaps it's because I just don't buy everything I am told. Having been fairly gullible as a child, it became clear to me that I would eventually have to wise up, or I'd be constantly at the whims of those whose reason for life is to abuse and confuse the gullible.

Of course, another reason why I don't buy the bullshit is because it always happens when "they" want something to happen. "They" wanted to win an election, so they kept cranking up the terror color code. And it worked! "They" wanted to pass the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act, so up went the threat level. It worked! "They" wanted to expand FISA, so up pops another amorphous threat; another bit of "specific intelligence" specifically designed to scare the shit out of the congress. Yet again, it worked.

Now, at least I know what's the problem. What I don't understand is how the members of congress; supposedly men and women, can still buy the bullshit! I know that fear is a good motivator, but how many times do you have to be fooled by the boy crying, WOLF!", before you catch the clue bus? Has any of these threats...from the time that they were colorized, to now, been true or accurate?

No! Not a one has been correct. Each one has coincided with some sort of political prize that was desired by DUBYA or someone else in the DUBYA regime. Every time we have been scared shitless by these continuous bogus terror threats, it has come to pass that each one was a tempest in a teapot, nothing more or less than the federal government keeping the fear button pushed.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that not only are the members of congress cowards, they are also fools; easily frightened, completely gullible, totally worthless fools.

How many of you reading this article ever bought into this crap? If they "supposedly" didn't know that 9/11 was in the offing, even after reading a memo entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Attack In America," how is it they suddenly have really good intelligence?

They don't.

They have nothing but a pretty, red, candy-like button with the word "FEAR" emblazoned on it. They push the button whenever they want something. They push the button to get us to dance on marionette strings. They push that button when they want RepubliKKKans to maintain their political power. They push it when they want congress to pass their pet legislative projects. They push, and they push, and they push!

And after all this pushing, there are still people who believe every time they hear a terrorist flea farting in the middle of a F-5 tornado! Unfortunately, some of the most gullible are members of congress. Is it any wonder why they are so chickenshit? They may consider themselves intelligent, but how stupid does one need to be to believe there will be a wolf hanging out with a kid in its mouth when they get to the area where the shouts of, "wolf," arose?

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