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September 30, 2007

We hope your August vacation was fun, but if you didn’t get to take time off, don’t worry… the fall season has a lot to offer

I want to start by sharing some great news with you. Recently, a federal judge in Vermont ruled against U.S. automakers and upheld a state law that regulates emissions from vehicles, a groundbreaking decision that speaks to the power of collective action to reduce global warming

And since the fall is finally here, let’s get ready to enjoy the colors, smells and beautiful days this season has to offer. Find tips on how to decorate your home with fall colors; welcome the first autumn harvest with a tasty vegetable soup and other seasonal, organic recipes; learn how to organize an eco-friendly Halloween or pamper your pet with a homemade, detergent-free shampoo

Enjoy the newsletter and have a happy weekend. Until next month...

1. Success: Big Win for the Environment Recently, a federal judge in Vermont ruled against U.S. automakers and upheld a state law that regulates greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. Thanks to the millions of Care2 members who signed petitions in the past to help curb greenhouse emissions. As you can see, your support is already making a difference. The ruling in Vermont was a great success in our efforts to reduce America's global warming pollution from automobiles. Now help keep the momentum going by asking Congress to pass effective global warming legislation before the end of the 2007 legislative session.
2. Decorate Your Home with Fall Colors
thepetitionsite.comIt’s such fun to welcome in the colors of fall: pumpkins glow on the hearth like magical harvest moons, while along the roadside the orchards are heavy with russet apples, and soon the leaves will blaze in amber glory. It’s all such a feast for the eye and the spirit!
» Check out these fun and natural ways to bring autumn colors indoors.
3. Welcome the First Autumn Harvest with Tasty Recipes Set the tone for an unforgettable dinner with a Colorful Kale and Autumn Vegetable Stew. Kale, with its high calcium content, deep green color and elaborately ruffled leaves, contrasted with the yellow of squash and the orange of sweet potato, makes this an attractive and nourishing dish for the early autumn harvest. As the perfect companions for this dish we recommend:
» Autumn Greens and Walnuts Salad – Recipe
» Autumn Apple Cheesecake
4. Organize an Eco-Friendly Halloween Throw an eeko-friendly Halloween party, design pesticide-free pumpkins and more!
For this Halloween, we have lots of green tips, fun facts, haunted Halloween cards and a Halloween boo-tique to help you enjoy Halloween and make it Green!
5. Pamper Your Pet with a Homemade, Detergent-Free Shampoo
thepetitionsite.comAbout as pure a shampoo as you can get, this recipe is detergent-free. In addition, the healing properties of aloe vera gel help to sooth skin irritations. The furry member of the family surely deserves it. Try the homemade aloe vera pet shampoo.
6. Take Action: Support Women Caring for Orphans in Botswana, Jamaica, Cambodia and Lebanon War, poverty and HIV/AIDS have left too many children without families and access to basics rights, including education and health care. Fortunately, selfless women have been giving motherly love to up to ten boys and girls at a time through the SOS Children's Villages' program. With World Orphan Week (WOW) 2007 just around the corner, take action on behalf of children by sending your words of support to SOS mothers in Botswana, Jamaica, Cambodia and Lebanon.
7. I Love Cats, Enjoy Knitting and Care About the Environment? What About You? Visit the Groups in Care2 and you will find a group that matches your interests, causes, hobbies, and lifestyle. Share tips, experiences and even photos with other people who care too.
» Join a group now.
8. Today's Poll: Test Your Seafood IQ With rates of childhood obesity, diabetes and other serious children’s health issues skyrocketing, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to kids’ diets and nutrition. Seafood is a great way to add more nutrition to children’s diets - but some fish are healthier than others. Test your seafood IQ.
» More polls here.

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