Saturday, September 30, 2006

We're All Terrorists Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The secret buried in the Torture Bill [VIDEO]

Bush Admin shielded from War Crimes... Read more »
Guest Post: The Good News on Torture?

This Constitution is one tough broad... Read more »
Republicans the real cut-and-run cowards

GOP runs from nation's creed when going gets tough Read more »
Little Superstar [VIDEO]

The funniest, strangest thing on Youtube at the moment. Read more »

September 30th, 2006 More top stories »
Sayonara to Checks and Balances?

Sayonara to Checks and Balances?
By Aziz Huq,
You -- citizen or non-citizen, resident of Topeka or Timbuktu -- can become an "unlawful enemy combatant." Read more »

Why the Torture Bill Matters

The detainee bill now in the Senate throws out legal and moral restraints as the president deems necessary; basic principles of decency and law.

The Anti-Smoking Vaccine

Scientists are getting close to creating a controversial vaccine against nicotine addiction.

Justice for A Genocide, in Book Form

A decade after the 'lessons learned' of World War II, British colonizers slaughtered at least 300,000 in Kenya. Only now has the first serious history been published detailing the crimes.

The Religious Right Goes to Washington

Republican presidential candidates fell all over themselve to pander to religious conservatives at last weekend's "Values Voter Summit" -- billed as the most important political event in the Christian Right's history. An AlterNet reporter covered the scene.

This Is What Waterboarding Looks Like

As Congress debates torture and detention for suspected terrorists, you can see what waterboarding is all about.

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