Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In Difficult Times - Free Speech on Trial!



"While the subpoenas and contempt orders that came out of the Valerie Plame leak investigation sent a shiver through journalists and other champions of a free press, an equally chilling lawsuit between two congressmen slowly plodded through the courts, barely noticed.

No longer. Now the D.C. Circuit has made a ruling in this dispute that if it stands will blow a hole through the First Amendment."

Theodore J Boutrous, Jr. - 08-19-06
The Wall Street Journal

That's right, the case that Ted Boutrous (above) refers to is Congressman (now Republican Majority Leader) John Boehner's lawsuit against me. It has been winding through the courts for nearly 10 years. Now, after nearly a decade, everything is on the line, October 31st, when the Appeals Court hears my First Amendment case.

Read more about my First Amendment case in the Washington Post at:

Of course I'm anxious about the court hearing, but I am also anxious about the amount of money this whole process has cost. I am hopeful about the case but there are no guarantees. And . . . win or lose, there are still several hundred thousand dollars of fees and costs to be paid.

The hearing also comes at an awkward time - just one week before a very important election - but we have little say in when court dates are scheduled. Once the court date is set, critical briefs must be filed in advance of the hearing and the costs to mount a fierce defense of our First Amendment rights must be secured. Your contribution today will help assure an aggressive defense of the First Amendment!

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I do need your help in these difficult times as I continue to defend the First Amendment and challenge the Republican leadership. It had been a long and difficult ten years. I am concerned that the critical November elections will obscure the need to fund the final and most significant court hearing to prevent the erosion of even more of our constitutional freedoms. Please don't let that happen!


Jim McDermott

P.S. 95% of the donations to my campaign committee are $100 or less and most of those donations are under $50. Of course that means that I rely on almost everyone sending in at least some amount to help out. If you are able to help financially with my appeal I will be most grateful.

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