Saturday, September 30, 2006

News Gazette

This is a letter to the editor sent by a Union brother of mine................Scott

To The Editor

As a Viet Nam veteran who didn’t peel potatoes in Virginia, I was outraged by your op-ed piece disparaging the sacrifice and service of Bob Wahlfeldt. I can understand differing opinions but to degrade and “Swift Boat” a genuine veteran tells a lot about your appreciation of those who did serve. The horrors of war and those who orchestrate it and their reasons for doing so, must not find favor in history, nor should we aid them by misrepresenting the cause to children.

I support every soldier serving in the middle-east and I hope God blesses them all, protects them and comforts their families. But I realize the war in Iraq is and has always been about profits and was planned during the early energy meetings Cheney refused to talk about before congress. While Cheney had more important things to do, Rumsfeld was building a lucrative career, and the war monger in the oval office was hiding out in Alabama, America’s working class and the poor were serving America on the battlefield. By the way, where were you? 911 had nothing to do with Iraq. I support destroying Bin Laden and his network, but let’s be honest. He has never been the focus of this administration. It is about stabilizing the middle-east for the oil cartel, clearing the way for the pipeline through Afghanistan and providing no-bid contracts to Halliburton, Dick Cheney’s cash cow.

Your rant exposed the grand Republican Rag you write for and the willingness of its staff to spin the lies that serve only a select few. If I had a subscription I would personally return it to you. It is your job to objectively report the news, not create it and use your bully pulpit to bash those who disagree with you.

As for the Colonel’s response, he has demoted himself to Colonel of the Urinal. You have joined the ranks of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’Reilly, not one of whom resembles real journalist. That requires integrity and a responsibility to the public you are supposed to serve.

Mike Griffin

Decatur IL

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