Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fundamentalist Kids Camp | Discrimination Against the Female Brain

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Don't Compromise on Torture

Last Thursday, President Bush and members of the Senate struck a deal. They dealt away America's commitment to fundamental human rights principles. This deal is a betrayal of the America we believe in. No human rights activist can remain on the sidelines. We are days away from action in Congress on a proposal to abandon the rule of law and give the President freedom to interpret the Geneva Conventions any way he sees fit.

Call 1 800 AMNESTY or visit our site, and our operators will connect you to your official. Ask your Senators and Representative to oppose these dangerous provisions.

Visit: for more information.

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Bill Maher on Jesus Camp

Bill Maher on Jesus Camp
The evangelical rift. Watch »


Media Mash: Fearless Huffington

The Huffington book party brings out a wide range of journalists and politicos. Read more »
Bush: intelligence agencies report that Iraq fuels terror so we have to stay the course in Iraq

The administration's latest feeble spin on a hopeless situation. Read more »
'Sissies' and 'faggots' and Republicans, oh my.

The 'values voter" sham... Read more »

September 28th, 2006 More top stories »
Fundamentalist Camp Trains God's Little Army

Fundamentalist Camp Trains God's Little Army
By Evan Derkacz, Evan Derkacz, AlterNet
The directors of the new documentary Jesus Camp discuss the good, the bad, and the disharmony in the evangelical community. Read more »

Discrimination Against the Female Brain

It's not biology, child-rearing demands, or differences in ability that explain slower female advancement in scientific and technical fields. It is discrimination, pure and simple.

Bush's Imaginary Front in the War on Terror

After the U.S. secured the release of 32 tourists who had been taken hostage in Algeria, the White House dramatically -- and falsely -- labeled it a success in the 'war on terror.'

Arrested for Driving While Muslim

Five years after 9/11, Muslim-American men are still being arrested on flimsy charges and accused of being terrorists.

On the Catwalk, How Thin is Too Thin?

Last week's Spanish ban on underweight models was a shock to the fashion world -- but women activists and health specialists are applauding it.

Bill Clinton's Bipartisan Love-In Blows Up in His Face

Taking the 'high road' has a nice ring to it, but Clinton shouldn't fool himself.

A War on Intelligence

The news that terror threats against the U.S. have increased since 9/11, largely thanks to the Iraq invasion, hasn't budged Bush's "what me worry" attitude.

Was MLK Jr. Really a Republican?

At first glance, a GOP ad stating that King was a Republican is a cheap shot that stretches political lunacy past the outer limit.

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