Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Well, once again it's Labor Day.........I have been absent most of the summer because I have been laboring..........unlike 20-25% of my Union Brothers in the UBC.........This Labor Day I am thankful for my union and the fact that through the collective bargaining process I am able to provide a living wage to support my family. I also am able to provide health care benefits and put money towards a pension plan for my retirement.........All of this is possible because I am a union member. Here are some pictures from labors past.

My posts for today are all la
bor related........the post that follows this is about the historic event of a miners strike in West Virgina.........this particular incident was brought to my attention by way of a song "Bombs on Blair Mountain" by the Portland based band "My Life in Black and White". This short but powerful song tells the story of the struggle of West Virgina coal miners against the oppression of the mine owners. "Bombs on Blair Mountain" is on their new release "Hold The Line" available on their website. Their earlier releases are also available @ the website or on
(My Life In Black And White
Hailing from the rain soaked streets of Portland Oregon, My Life In Black And White consists of five best friends who are fueled by passion and Pabst Blue Ribbon. )

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