Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brian Levin: A 9/11 Remembrance: One Extraordinary Life Out of Many



Brian Levin: A 9/11 Remembrance: One Extraordinary Life Out of Many

Brian Levin:
The full story of 9/11 is not about hijacked airliners, intelligence failures, fanatic murderers or conspiracy theorists. Its about lives well lived that were cut painfully short and the endurance of the human spirit. One way to begin to understand the magnitude of a numbing mass tragedy like 9/11, is not in numbers, but rather, in stories. Today's focus here is one story of many that demand to be told. One life. One set of hearts that were unfairly broken. Out of the mosaic of thousands of colorful remembered lives today are countless stories of loves lost and heroes big and small. Too often at the wrenching intersection of good and evil, we expend too much time on the latter--but not today. Click here to read more.

Gary Hart: Is the Age of Terror Over?

The short answer to this question is yes and no. Yes, in the sense that terrorism was never a global phenomenon that could be defeated by a "war" as proposed by George W. Bush. No, in the sense that the U.S. will be attacked again someplace, sometime. By abandoning the "war on terrorism" paradigm, President Obama has taken us a long way toward the understanding that acts of terrorism will continue in parts of the world, and that we must continue to make such acts as difficult as possible here in the United States.

Paul Rieckhoff: Eight Years Later: Why Is There Still A Hole at Ground Zero?

I, along with almost two million other troops, were sent to war because of what happened there. Too many lives were lost that day, and too little attention has been given to memorializing them.

David Paine: The Politicization of 9/11

After an article appeared in the American Spectator, the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance -- and the organization behind it -- became political ammo aimed at President Obama.

Daniel Collins: 9/11's Dark Heritage

We still haven't quite acknowledged that our leaders never adequately warned the men and women working around the smoldering site that the place where they were flinging themselves into duty was a toxic landmine.

Richard A. Clarke: More Troops to Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is not a numbers game. The issue is whether we are pursuing a strategy that defines our goals and tailors our means to them.

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