Saturday, September 12, 2009

URGENT Action Alert: Now They Want To Punish Us For Not Buying Overpriced Corporate Health Insurance‏

Some may have thought us overly alarmist when we warned you last week
that UNLESS you speak out now, the IRS would soon be pounding on your
door demanding thousands of dollars for overpriced corporate health

Well it sure didn't take them long to propose just exactly that.
Today Max Baucus, the original made man of the medical mafia,
suggested a $3,800 FINE against anyone who refuses to buy whatever
"for the corporations only" medical plan they finally come up.

If you are not outraged yet, if you don't feel totally betrayed by
our so-called representatives, one has to wonder what it would take.
So we ask you again, speak out now, before they ram through the most
hideous caricature of medical care reform bill imaginable. Here is
the new email action page.

Stop Baucus Action Page:

And here again is the new blog resource where you can make notes for
others to read about your phone calls to Congress in support of the
real health care reform bill, HR 676, Medicare for all.

HR676 Phone Lobby Page:

Some of you have written us and told us you don't make phone calls.
Well maybe, just maybe, it's time you made ONE at least. And on the
new phone lobby page are all the latest tested good toll free numbers
for you to use, plus an "Easy policy points" link right there at your
finger tips if you need the best arguments on what to say. It even
looks up all your members of Congress for you.

Can't do that even? OK, how about Facebook, are you on Facebook? Here
is the same action page over there.

Facebook Action Page:

Still not easy enough for you?? Do you have a Twitter account? Just
send the following as a Twitter reply, and Congress will get the same
message, "No punitive fines in health care bill."

@cxs #p1002

That's only about 10 characters. Can't type 10 characters to even
save your own life?? How much easier can we make this, folks?

Guess we can all see the right wing and blue dog Democratic (no
difference really) health care "reform" plan coming by now. Here it
is, they put us all in prison, and if we can't pay the corporate
ransom we stay there for the rest of our shortened lives. Because
what else is a sick body with inadequate medical care BUT a prison.

In the ongoing mad dash of Congress to go in absolutely the wrong
direction on health care, at the same time Steny Hoyer continues to
maintain they may pass something with not even a weak shred of a
so-called "public option" in it. If these are negotiating positions
they are truly sick ones.

So what would that leave us with? Nothing by a punitive system of
forcing us to cough up whatever the medical insurance corporations
demand. And that is exactly what could happen UNLESS YOU SPEAK OUT
NOW!! Not even the lame "public options" they have floated would make
a real difference. We must demand and get nothing less that true
single payer, Medicare for all, the only economical and efficient
solution to the health care crisis. That's OUR negotiating position
and we are sticking to it.

People inside the beltway like to talk about "political realities".
Well the bottom line political reality is this, when people speak out
in sufficient numbers they are forced to listen whether they want to
or not, whether they are pretending that they aren't listening or
not. The only way the bad guys can win is if they can get us to
persuade OURSELVES that our voices do not count.

We'll give you just one recent example from just last week. Another
group organized an action to call Obama's scheduling office to demand
a meeting on single payer. They did not have to generate that many
emails before Obama's people were totally freaking out, DEMANDING
that they stop. Did you hear that, folks? Obama's people were
demanding that they stop their activism, and why would they do that
if it was NOT working?

C'mon folks, this is pour it on time, all hands on deck. Commit to us
right now that you will submit one email action page this week, or
make one phone call from the phone lobby page, or send one Twitter
reply to our message to Congress gateway. And to thank you, we will
send you one of the new "Single Payer Health Care" caps for even the
SMALLEST donation. There is no set price. On many we will lose money.
But some of you will be able to donate more and that will keep us
afloat to fight another day.

Single Payer Health Care Caps:

We just want you to win, folks. That's why we talk to you the way we
do. It isn't always pretty but it is always the truth, as these
latest developments demonstrate. Please take action now.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at


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