Sunday, September 20, 2009

World PREMIERE Oct 16: Dramatic New Radio Play For Middle East Peace, Featuring Ed Asner, Get Your Copy With No Donation Required‏


We are thrilled to announce that the official world premiere of the
new radio play for peace is confirmed for Friday Oct. 16, at 5PM
(primetime drive time) on KPFK, the large Pacifica station in Los
Angeles, with the second most powerful signal West of the the
Mississippi. This dramatic new radio play, "It's Up To Us Alone", on
the conflict in the Middle East, features Ed Asner as the character
Ari Shalom. But you don't have to wait, we will send you a copy for
no charge, not even shipping, if you go to the link below now.

Radio Play for Peace CD:

Of course, if you CAN make a donation of any amount it is always
gratefully appreciated, for that is what makes it possible for us to
send free CDs like this to anyone who cannot afford to make a
donation right now. But we just want to get this stunning new
production out there to as many people as possible, to stimulate
discussion and more communication on actually making peace.

On the same page above you can listen to the entire first act of this
absolutely compelling new radio production. Ed Asner, one of the
greatest actors of our time, could not be hotter right now, coming
off his starring role in "Up", one of the year's biggest movie hits.
And we were very fortunate that he was available to lend his
magnificent vocal talent to this worthy project. In fact, after you
check out the play, let's show Ed our thanks and cast your vote for
Ed Asner as best fantasy actor in the SPIKE 2009 online vote poll on
this page.

Vote For Ed Asner Here:

Now that we have a confirmed debut date in the key Los Angeles
market, if you are associated with any other radio station out there
that wants to participate, and make this a full scale national event
for peace, please get in touch immediately by emailing us back. We
have have already heard from a number of you, but with 4 weeks to
organize we can cover the country from coast to coast if we get on
it. So go to the link below now and you can hear what everybody is so
excited about.

Radio Play for Peace CD:

"It's Up To Us Alone" is the story of people torn apart by
generations of endless conflict. Benjamin, a biological researcher
with the National Health Institute, enjoys a relatively carefree life
with his girlfriend, Fatima, originally from the Occupied Territory.
Benjamin's father, Ari, is the National Defense Minister, and was
already dead set against their relationship. But it's not only their
own personal world that is brought to the brink of Armageddon, when
militants get their hands on some virus dispersing biowarfare shells
to put atop their crude rockets.

The roots of conflict are deep, one of the militants having seen his
own older brother killed before his eyes many years before, for
throwing stones at an invading tank. But even as both sides hurl
threats of a "disproportionate response" at each other, it is the
virus itself that lurches out of control, as it suddenly mutates into
a highly virulent form infectious person to person. In an instant,
Benjamin and every other top scientist in the world are thrown into a
desperate search for a cure, a treatment ... anything. Will Benjamin
reconcile with his father? Will his love with Fatima survive? Will
anyone survive?

It's a morality play, to hold up a mirror to the path the world is
on, to show the sort of destination we are headed for UNLESS we
change course, and to emphasize the increasingly great urgency for
doing so.

And if you have any other creative ideas about how we can publicize
this important new dramatic work, please email us back, because we
believe the potential social and politic impact of this project will
be something truly profound. In particular, as we said, if you are
connected with a radio station yourself that would be interested in
airing this 40 minute audio blockbuster coordinated with the Los
Angeles debut, we need to talk to you now.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at


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