Sunday, October 22, 2006


Here are 2 on the current situation in the Middle East. One contempoary and one historical.........PEACE.........Scott

Iraq Mayhem Triggers Hunt for Exit Strategy
Frantic efforts are under way in Washington and London to find an exit strategy
for Iraq as a renewed surge in violence led Bush to admit yesterday that tactics
there might need to change. Diplomats and politicians in both capitals are
desperately reviewing and debating options that were once regarded as

J. Sri Raman | Remembering the Suez Saga - As History Is Repeated
J. Sri Raman writes: "October 2006 marks the 50th anniversary of an important
event of modern world history that is going conspicuously unobserved. The Suez
crisis of 1956, which should be remembered as a saga of resistance in the Middle
East to Western hegemonism, is being pushed into organized oblivion by the
current powers and their puppets precisely because of the striking contemporary
relevance of the subject."

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