Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Let Me See Your PAPERS!!!!!!!!"

I believe that this and the current immigration situation concerning "illegals" is going to eventually result in a national ID card. The proposal has been rejected before but the timing may be right. If the "Repugs" retain control of congress I would anticipate this question to come up again. Please get out and vote in November and let's kick BushCo and his CCCs (corrupt corporate cronies) to the curb like a $2 whore.............Thanks.................PEACE.................Scott

FOCUS | High Court Allows Arizona to Enact New Voter ID Law
The Supreme Court cleared the way Friday for Arizona to enforce a new rule for
next month's election that requires most voters to show proof of identification
before casting a ballot. The ruling reverses one by the 9th Circuit. It is
expected to benefit Republicans at the polls.

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