Sunday, December 28, 2008

US Justice Department covered up or failure to prosecute drug trafficking parts 4, 5, 6‏

Dick McManus

Enclosed is a summary I have written from /of Rodney Stich's book, Drugging of America - The Trojan Horse. He has much more detail in this book.
I have added related information to what Stich has written from his sources. This information adds to what I have already written in my on-line book, Some Unknown History of the U.S. In the future I will put this information in a historical time frame on my website (my on-line book).
Some Unknown History of the U.S.
Happy Holidays - HONOR duty, country
US Justice Department covered up drug trafficking part four
part five
part six
---------------------- Part I

There is a summary of the number of cases/investigations at then end of this part two.

Below is part of this story that I have added to the cases but have not updated in part two.

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