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Nisqually Forestry Program 2008 Year End Update‏

Northwest Certified Forestry’s

Nisqually Forestry Program

2008 Year-end Update

Season’s Greetings!

Northwest Certified Forestry (NCF) is a non-profit membership organization for small woodland owners. For the past several years we have worked with the Nisqually River Council on a watershed forestry program for small forest landowners throughout the Nisqually. Our focus has always been on conservation-based forest management and niche markets for “green” certified forest products. In 2008 we considerably expanded our efforts in the Nisqually to bring new and innovative programs to small woodland owners. This letter serves as a retrospective of our work over the past year, as well as summary of upcoming projects and events scheduled for 2009.

We hope you find our work interesting enough to consider becoming a member of NCF. You can learn more about us on-line at:, or by contacting Kirk Hanson, our South Sound Director, at 360-316-9317,

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

NCF initiated an oak savanna restoration project along the Nisqually River near Yelm by assisting one of our members design the project and acquire financial assistance through the federal Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

For 2009:

Helping small woodland owners develop wildlife habitat enhancement plans and enroll in federal conservation funding programs continues to be one of the primary services we provide our members. If you are interested in enhancing wildlife habitat on your property, contact NCF for a free site visit.

Enabling Landowners to Optimize the Value of Diverse Forests

In January NCF hosted a seminar on Diversifying Income Opportunities on Small Woodlands which examined FSC timber markets, carbon markets, Pierce County’s new Transfer of Development Rights program, and various state and federal conservation programs available to small woodland owners. In June we hosted a workshop at North West Trek on How to Inventory & Monitor Small Woodlands during which we trained landowners on the skills necessary to create a timber inventory for their properties.

For 2009:

Over the course of the next 12 months NCF will continue to host events that focus on conservation-based forest management and market opportunities for small woodland owners. Events for next year include:

§ Ecological Forestry Seminar: January (see attached flier)

§ Conservation Options for Small Woodland Owners

§ Nisqually Milling & Wood Manufacturing Seminar: March

§ Nisqually Forestry Tour: Summer

§ Managing a Timber Sale: Economic & Ecological Considerations

§ and more…

If you are interested in staying notified of future events, please contact NCF to be added to our mailing list, or subscribe on-line at:

Manufacturing and Marketing Nisqually Grown Wood Products

Through 2008 NCF developed a Milling Strategy that is helping guide our efforts to develop more capacity for processing Nisqually grown timber in the watershed. This strategy complements the Nisqually River Council’s new Nisqually Sustainable program which promotes local markets for fishing, farming and forest products produced in the Nisqually.

For 2009:

NCF will convene a new Nisqually Forestry Committee starting in January that will explore opportunities for manufacturing more Nisqually grown forest products within the watershed and creating forest-based jobs. Additionally, NCF is actively seeking small mill operators and wood products manufacturers in the watershed who are interested in participating in a local wood manufacturing network. If you are, or know, a mill operator or wood worker who would like to know more, please contact NCF for more information.

Carbon Offset Program

NCF is in the process of developing NW Neutral, one of the first carbon offset programs for small woodland owners in the country. This past year we developed pilot projects with three NCF members to inventory their carbon stocks and model carbon sequestration rates and values. Carbon markets have the potential to provide a residual source of income for small woodland owners.

For 2009:

NCF expects to make its first carbon sales in 2009. Shortly thereafter, the program will be made available to all of our members. Throughout next year, NCF will host training workshops on how to develop a carbon profile for your forest and how our carbon offset program will work. If you are interested in assessing whether your property has potential for carbon offset markets, please contact NCF for a free site visit.

Site Visits and Membership

Over the past year NCF staff made dozens of site visits with small woodland owners throughout the watershed, providing forest management advice and discussing market options. We currently have nearly 20 members totaling more than 1,600 acres who range from Yelm to Ashford.

For 2009:

In order for our programs to have a greater impact throughout the watershed, NCF is planning to more than triple its membership and landbase within the Nisqually over the next year. If you are interested in discussing the benefits of becoming a member of NCF, please contact us for a free site visit.

All the best in 2009,

Kirk Hanson

South Sound Regional Director - Northwest Certified Forestry

Northwest Natural Resource Group


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