Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scariest Pumpkin Ever‏

When it comes to spooky, bats and ghosts are kids' stuff. Maybe they're good for a goosebump or two, but what'll really wake you up screaming in the night is...

Being turned down for a pre-existing condition? Terrifying.

Being told your insurance company won't pay for treatment you need? Horrifying.

A 300 percent increase in premiums in just a decade? Spine-tingling.

This Halloween, we at Working America didn't mess around when it came to scary pumpkins. Our trick-or-treaters are going to come face to face with real fear when they see these pumpkins staring out from our porches.

If you haven't already, join thousands of people across the country and demand that big insurance companies stop denying our care and stop using our premiums to lobby against health insurance reform.

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