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8 Foods You Think Are Healthy ... But Aren't

By Sarah Irani, EcoSalon. Posted October 19, 2009.

Processed foods, even organic and vegetarian ones, don’t provide the optimal health for our bodies.

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They may be lean and green, but they pack quite a salty punch.

When you think of high sodium foods, what do you see? I envision salt bombs like the Big Mac (1040 mg per serving) and Campbell’s Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup (890 mg per serving). But the shocking fact is that many “healthy,” organic and vegetarian foods are high in sodium, too.

The USDA estimates that 77% of the sodium in an average American’s diet comes from packaged and processed foods (while only 5-6% of sodium is added while cooking or eating), so if you’re into convenience – even the organic, natural kind – you might want to look a little closer at the label.

How do your favorite green convenience foods add up?

1. Amy’s Curried Lentil Soup sounds like a quick and tasty treat, but packs 680 mg sodium per serving.

2. Annie’s Organic Alfredo Shells and Cheddar is one of my all-time comfort foods, but with 670 mg sodium per serving I should reconsider my definition of comfort!

3. GardenBurger’s Flame Grilled Soy Burger, though vegan, contains 500 mg sodium per serving.

4. Yves Classic Veggie Brats pack a whopping 840 mg per weiner! And ask yourself, will you honestly eat just one?

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