Saturday, February 28, 2009

Katrina Survivors Outraged By Jindal's Lies

Posted by Staff, Color of Change at 4:22 AM on February 28, 2009.

Jindal, it's time to apologize.

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Survivors of Hurricane Katrina expressed outrage over news that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal made up the story in his Tuesday speech in which he claimed to have overruled a local "bureaucrat" and aided in the rescue of stranded Louisianans during Hurricane Katrina.

The online organization, whose membership is largely people of color, launched a campaign today calling on Jindal to apologize and calling him "morally bankrupt" for trying to score political points off the disaster.

A Jindal spokesperson acknowledged earlier today that the events Jindal recounted to the nation had never occurred and the governor in no way assisted with boat rescues during the hurricane.

"Gov. Jindal shamelessly fabricated a story to make himself look good and to score political points," said Paul Deo, a member of Color of Change, and a Katrina survivor. "What's worse, he casts himself as a savior, when in reality, when the floodwaters were rising and the people of his state truly did need saving, he was nowhere to be found."

James Rucker, executive director of, added: "It seems Jindal never learned his lesson from Katrina. The storm should have taught him that good government is about more than political ups and downs -- and that when government fails, people die.

"But apparently Jindal looks back and all he sees is a chance to score political points. It's disgusting."

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