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Colbert and Edwards Spar Over Doritos, Who's South Carolina's "Favorite Son"

Posted by GottaLaff at 6:49 AM on October 29, 2007.

GottaLaff: Colbert has said he "loves South Carolina, almost as much as South Carolina loves" him.

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Colbert loves him some Doritos:

Edwards spokesperson Teresa Wells also ribbed Colbert for his ties to the snack food industry. Colbert has said his campaign will be sponsored by Doritos.
"What is more troubling than his quest for a status his own mother won't grant him (favorite son) are his ties to the salty food industry," Wells said. "As the candidate of Doritos, his hands are stained by corporate corruption and nacho cheese. John Edwards has never taken a dime from taco chip lobbyists and America deserves a President who isn't in the pocket of the snack food special interests."

Now excuse me while I stick my hand in the bag of the snack food special interests.

UPDATE: Stephen Colbert Launches Campaign in South Carolina -- Edwards' Campaign Gets Hot About It

Stephen Colbert launched his native son candidacy for president in South Carolina today -- and drew comparisons with Christ while earning the wrath of another native, former Sen. John Edwards.

Columbia, S.C., Mayor Bob Coble presented the "Comedy Central" hero a key to the city, declared him South Carolina's "favorite son" and officially proclaimed it Stephen Colbert day. Some in the crowd held signs with images of Colbert and Jesus that read, "Colbert. Christ. Favorite Sons '08."

Colbert said he was honored to receive the key to the city and said he "loves South Carolina, almost as much as South Carolina loves" him.

Meanwhile, The State newspaper in Columbia this weekend published a side-by-side comparison of the two native sons -- drawing a reply by the Edwards campaign contesting the findings.

For one thing, Edwards' hair was described as "naturally fluffy" while Colbert's is "very stiff." But trouble started when Colbert was quoted on his opponent: "John Edwards left South Carolina when he was 1 year old. He had his chance. Saying his parents moved him -- that's the easy answer."


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