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IAM SAMPLE, GUARDIAN, UK - Some organic foods, including fruit,
vegetables and milk, may be more nutritious than non-organic produce,
according to an investigation by British scientists. Early results from
a L12m study showed that organic fruit and vegetables contained up to
40% more antioxidants than non-organic varieties, according to Professor
Carlo Leifert at Newcastle University, who leads the EU-funded Quality
Low Input Food project. Larger differences were found in milk, with
organic varieties containing more than 60% more antioxidants and healthy
fatty acids, he said.


OBSERVER, UK - Research by the government's waste reduction agency,
Wrap, found that one third of all food bought in Britain is thrown away
- of which half is edible. Wrap will claim that this discarded food is a
bigger problem than packaging, as the food supply chain accounts for a
fifth of UK carbon emissions and decomposing food releases methane, the
most potent of the greenhouse gases. 'If we stopped the amount [of food
waste] that we could stop, it would be the same as taking one fifth of
cars off the road,' said Liz Goodwin, Wrap's chief executive. The
campaign will urge people to plan meals, write - and stick to - shopping
lists, make smaller portions, and learn to prepare and cook leftovers
and food which is past its prime. Among the supporters is the National
Federation of Women's Institutes, set up during the First World War to
help women make the most of the food available.





ALBERTO GONZALES LITE - aka Michael Mukasey - has told Congress that the
Constitution doesn't bar the wiretapping of suspected terrorists. Since
suspicion is in the eye of the beholder, this means that in Mukasey's
view anyone can be wiretapped without a warrant.



IAN SPARKS, DAILY MAIL, UK - Researchers testing dirt which originated
in French volcanoes found it could kill up to 99 per cent of colonies of
bugs such as MRSA and E coli within 24 hours. Scientists believe
agricur, found in the Massif Central mountain range, could lead to the
development of a class of antibiotics to which superbugs have no
resistance. If human trials prove successful, it could save thousands of
lives a year. In laboratory experiments, the clay was found to wipe out
bug colonies in a day. Over the same period, control samples of MRSA not
treated with agricur, grew 45-fold. The clay also kills other deadly
bacteria, including salmonella and a flesh-eating disease called buruli,
which is a relative of leprosy.


INDEPENDENT, UK - Researchers are so concerned about new evidence of
potential effects of MP3 players on heart pacemakers that a major
clinical investigation is to start this month. The trial comes in the
wake of a report earlier this year that iPods may cause pacemaker
interference in up to half of patients. A study in Michigan in the US
found that when an iPod was held 2 inches from a patient's chest for
five to 10 seconds it interfered with pacemakers in half the 100
patients, whose average age was 77.




REUTERS - Nearly 40 percent of the 128 million babies born worldwide
every year are not officially registered, and two thirds of deaths also
go undocumented, the World Health Organization said. The U.N. agency
said incomplete birth and death registries in many developing countries
"means they cannot count how many people are born and how many die, and
they cannot record how long they live or what kills them". "When deaths
go uncounted and causes of death are not documented, governments are
unable to design effective health policies, measure their impact or know
whether health budgets are being well-spent," it said in a statement.
Only 31 of the WHO's 193 member states are believed to have reliable
cause-of-death statistics.


INTERNET SIGHTINGS - Hi all, Heard from the kiddo last night. He's
been on the "Rice" Fire in Northern San Diego county. He said it's
essentially a dead fire and he wasn't sure where they were going from
there. . . They went into a cafe in Fallbrook yesterday morning for
breakfast. . . about 20 of them. . . When they walked in, the whole
restaurant stood and applauded them. The customers then all walked up to
them to shake hands, hug, thank them for saving their homes. . . They
were sitting there talking amongst themselves and started realizing who
was refilling their coffee and waters. The customers were grabbing
coffee pots and water pitchers and making sure they were filled. When
breakfast was over, the waitress refused to give them their check,
saying it had been taken care of by the customers. The customers then
applauded them as they were leaving. - Mike Freeman, CAS Bulletin Board

SENATORS Byron Dorgan and Olympia Snowe have called for a congressional
investigation into the practice of Comcast, Verizon and ATT of
restricting use of their system by customers. . . "The phone and cable
companies have previously stated that they would never use their market
power to operate as content gatekeepers and have called efforts to put
rules in place to protect consumers 'a solution in search of a

SEVEN Louisiana towns have now banned saggy pants in public places.


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