Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bush Promises to Bring About World Wars III, IV, V and VI [VIDEO]

Posted by Adam Howard at 5:24 AM on October 29, 2007.

In other FKN Newz, humanity to split into two sub-species: stupid f**kers and really stupid f**kers.
F**kin' News: WWIV

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World War III is happening soon says President Bush, Because God cant wait to get on with World Wars !V, V and VI.

Humanity to split into two sub-species: stupid fuckers and really stupid fuckers.

In the UK more people must die in Afghanistan says Gordon Brown prime minister of the landless peasants of Britain under the rule of Nazi aristocracy and ready to die in large numbers whenever her majesty says so...

Check out the video to your right for more "head lies" like these from the FKN Newz.


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