Monday, May 28, 2007




CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER - A wrong turn sent between 200 to 300 runners
off course in today's Rite Aid Cleveland 10K race. So instead of running
6.1 miles some of them ran close to 9 miles. And now the results of the
10K race are in chaos.
According to racers and race officials, a police officer at the two-mile
mark of the race diverted the lead car guiding 10K competitors through
the course. Highway cones had been misplaced in the area, and some
racers in the Cleveland marathon who were walking the area had also
created a bottleneck. So instead of going onto the Shoreway, the car's
navigator sent runners through the Flats, tacking on as much as 2.7
miles to the race. Jack Staph, the race's executive director, said he
had never seen such a fiasco.



COLIN HICKEY, KENNEBEC JOURNAL, ME - Jack Kaplan and his pride of
student weightlifters at Carrabec High School in North Anson would not
be welcome at Planet Fitness. . . The problem centers on what Planet
Fitness calls the "lunk factor": Kaplan's kids, you see, tend to grunt.
. . That is not the expectation at Planet Fitness in Waterville,
according to co-owner Kris Glidden. "We have a high percentage of
members," he said, "who have not been in a gym for years and years, or
who have never been in a gym because of it." "It" refers to grunting.

Members who violate the grunting prohibition a second time are subjected
to the lunk alarm -- a siren that flashes blue. The New York Times
recently featured an article about a Wappingers Falls, N.Y. bodybuilder
who ran afoul of the grunting rule. A manager of the Planet Fitness in
Wappingers Falls canceled the bodybuilder's membership after the
muscle-bound member challenged the manager about the grunting charge.


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