Sunday, May 27, 2007

New order of T-shirts & free bumper stickers

John Edwards '08

Support the Troops. End the War. Get your bumper sticker and t-shirt today

We can support our troops, end this war and bring them home. But each of us has to believe in our power to make a difference—and then we must act.

In just a few days, thousands have responded to our call to make our voice more visible. This weekend and beyond, we will be proudly proclaiming our patriotism by displaying bumper stickers and wearing T-shirts that echo our simple message: "Support the troops. End the War." Please join us.

A single bumper sticker is free, and you can get a T-shirt for $20 to cover production and shipping costs. And now you can also order additional bumper stickers for $2 each.

We've had such overwhelming demand that we've had to double our order, but supplies are still limited and available first come, first serve. Click below to place your order today:

Our troops in Iraq have done more than could ever be expected when their country asked them to serve. They have all put their lives on the line to safeguard our freedom—we owe them a debt that can never be repaid. Now it is up to us to stand up to a president who is recklessly misusing our armed forces to pursue his own agenda. We must stand up for those who have stood up for us.

As Congress and the president continue their stand off on Iraq, the local and national press and all of our elected representatives are constantly gauging public opinion. It couldn't be a more important time to show that the American people overwhelmingly demand that our government support our troops in the most important way that it can—by ending the war and bringing them safely home.

Thank you,

-- David Bonior
Campaign Manager, John Edwards for President
Veteran, US Air Force (1968-1972)

P.S. To sign up to take action this weekend to support the troops and end the war, or to find and join actions already scheduled in your area, just go to:

And remember on Memorial Day, (Monday May 28th) the most important action we can take is to solemnly honor the fallen and offer our appreciation for their sacrifice.

How You Can Take Action
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