Saturday, June 13, 2009

Urgent Phone Action: Stop The Wars Now By Stopping The Funding Now‏

What?? ANOTHER Emergency War Supplemental Funding Bill Already?

We need everyone to call their House member right now and demand they
vote NO on H.R. 2346, for CONTINUED funding of all these disastrous
and counterproductive wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and soon
everywhere else.

Here are the latest tested good tollfree numbers for you:
800-828-0498, 866-338-1015 or 866-220-0044.

Wasn't that the Bush way of denying reality, one "Emergency" war
funding bill after another? The wars need to STOP now. And all vague
and shifting promises of future withdrawals aside, only stopping the
FUNDING will ever make the wars stop.

And please also submit the action page below, after making your phone
call, so there will be a written record of your protest

Stop War Funding Action Page:

A couple weeks ago 51 Democrats and 9 Republicans voted against H.R.
2346, the latest run around the end of the budget [text of bill].
Only now they have added in a giveaway to bail out MORE foreign banks
with American taxpayer money, via blind and massive additional
funding for the IMF. If ONLY those Democrats who voted "No" the first
time do so again, we can end this utter insanity.

What are the so-called "liberals" in Congress really telling us, that
they will only vote to end the war funding when their vote DOESN'T
really matter. Now that the Republicans are all hopped up about the
IMF con job, just those same 51 liberals can take a stand that really
means something.

So where are they? Is a huge giveaway to foreign banks such a drop
dead policy priority that they will compromise their opposition to
all these illegal wars?? Are the Republicans so petrified of being
seen as not "supporting the troops" even slightly even one time that
they will vote for the bill anyway? Of course not, that is just for
worthless political cowards who call themselves [fill in party name]

It's time to call these people in Congress out who are masquerading
as our representatives. And AFTER we defeat this particular pro war
vote, we need to keep making it stick.

Stop War Funding Action Page:

And yes, you can also respond to this action through the new Twitter
gateway. Just send the following Twitter reply, and add any personal
comment you like.

@cxs #p992

And if you want a step by step explanation of how to set up the
Twitter thing here is the link for that.

Twitter Activism Step-By-Step:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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