Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 on Labor

Labor Teams Up With Enviros to Pass Climate Bill
and Promote Green Jobs
Kate Sheppard, Grist Magazine: "After working for the
United Steelworkers International Union for 30 years,
Lauren Horne left in January to take on a new role
within the labor movement - rallying union members to
help fight climate change.... Horne is now one of five
veteran labor organizers working on the ground for the
Labor Climate Project in Rust Belt states."

Unions and Migrant Workers Coalesce
From Coast to Coast
Peter Costantini, Inter Press Service: "Up the Pacific
Coast from California to Washington, through the
heartland in Texas and Illinois, and over to the
Atlantic Seaboard in New Jersey and New York, local
trade unions and mainly immigrant workers centers are
experimenting with new modes of cooperation."

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