Thursday, April 09, 2009

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AP/Gerald Herbert

Arianna Huffington: Discussing the financial crisis with Obama's economic team is like beaming back to the 2nd century and discussing astronomy with Ptolemy. Just as Ptolemy was convinced we live in a geocentric universe -- and made the math work to "prove" his flawed theories -- Obama's senior economic team is convinced we live in a bank-centric universe, and keeps offering its versions of "epicycles" and "eccentric circles" to rationalize their approach to the bailout. And because, like Ptolemy, they are really smart, they are really good at rationalizing. It's easy to get lost debating the complexity of each new iteration of each new bailout, but the devil here is not in the details -- but in the obsolete cosmology. Click here to read more.

Alex Keyssar: Language, Greenberg, and the International Financial Collapse

Whenever our financial experts and political leaders (from Paulson to Geithner to Barney Frank to President Obama himself) talk about this issue, they stop using evidence and arguments and resort to metaphors instead.

Robert Redford: Balancing Renewable Energy Projects & Public Lands Stewardship

America is on the verge of a renewable energy gold rush -- hundreds of applications have been filed for wind and solar projects on public lands. I think this is long overdue.

Stacy Peralta: The Movie They Didn't Want You to See

The more time I spent with gang members of Bloods and Crips, the more I began to see a far different America than the America I was raised in.

Mike Lux: When the Next Banking Scandal Hits...

The way Tim Geithner has structured the banking plan, the Obama administration will, sooner or later, almost certainly be facing another AIG bonuses-type of outrage.

Gioia Diliberto: Why Designers are Dissing Michelle

Top designers think that Michelle doesn't have enough fashion savvy to know what looks good on her. They think, how can Mrs. Obama, who comes from a working class background, dare to snub them?

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