Thursday, April 09, 2009

Shed No Tears for the Spartans‏

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Shed No Tears for the Spartans
DAVE ZIRIN | The vanquished Spartans of Michigan State have left a lot of people accustomed to limping through this recession walking tall.

A Soldier Screams 'Get Out'
KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL | Lawrence Wilkerson makes a powerful case against escalation in Afghanistan.

Unemployment: A New Boys Club?
BETSY REED | Yes, the recession has been tough on men, but it's not as if women are getting ahead.

Black Citizenship and South Africa
MELISSA HARRIS-LACEWELL | My first trip to South Africa makes me reflect on black citizenship.

Disquieting and Enraptured
BARRY SCHWABSKY | The late still lifes of Pierre Bonnard, on view at the Metropolitan Museum, are lessons in unknowing.

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