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This is NOT just another Election Buzz Piece...Because this will NOT be just another election

March 29, 2008 at 17:48:01

This is NOT just another Election Buzz Piece...Because this will NOT be just another election

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Electing a Supreme Commander

This is my third piece on McCain’s presidential aspirations, and I understand it might seem a bit….unmotivated considering how little the US elections matters what with the overall democracy deficiency.

It is true that I doubt any candidate is representative of the general public or stands for the best of the nation of the American people, and I doubt any election in US today can be called fair

But even so I need to do whatever I can to tell people that this time around one candidate is worse than usual, and that the presidency at stake is not the usual one either.

I am actually scared of McCain winning the presidency, because he will not just become just another president.

He will become the wet dream of the neocons and Bush on steroids, because the presidency of 2008 will not be the presidency of 2000.

As I described in previous pieces – "If you thought George Bush was bad when it comes to the use of military force, wait 'til you see John McCain." and The Silent Coup - How a nation ruled by law, becomes a nation ruled by men - the powers and opportunities that will fall in the hands of the next president, will make it more crucial than ever the intentions for which they will be used. And as always, you can not let the cult of personality fool you into believing you know what those intentions are.

The Visions of the Candidate

What candidates claim they will stand for if they get elected, is mostly at best a wish and at worst a lie.

During his 2000 presidential campaign, Bush emphasized that his presidency would not be about nation building and that US had to be humble towards other nations and aim towards international coalitions.

We all know he lied – because he has already accepted the powerful backing of people whose interest he would represent in taking the US into wars for illegitimate reasons and without backing of the world.

However, even if campaign promises and presentations of themselves seem to exercise little constraints in breaking such later on, we can presume that going dead against and act bluntly in contradiction to them, would at least require a little extra thought and consideration than acting in ways that does not fly in the face of the expectations of the public.

Woodrow Wilson promised the American people that with him as a president they would be kept out of the wars of the world.

Only a few years later, he was devising ways to turn the public’s opinion into hatred and anger against the Germans so that he could join the allied nations in WWII.

Wilson did not have to sway the public to enter the war, but he did not want to loose more support than necessary by making himself a liar.

In the case of McCain, unlike in the case of Bush 2000, he has made quite clear what to expect if his will prevails.

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