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The Clinton Entitlement

March 24, 2008 at 09:15:53

Headlined on 3/24/08:
The Clinton Entitlement

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Oh! My God!!

Sure enough, James Carville was the designated pass rusher and spoke the true Hillary and Bill feeling when he compared Governor Bill Richardson to Judas. But did this mean he compares Hillary to Christ??

Such is the quandary of tough times. It exposes the raw nerve of true feelings.

There is a feeling of entitlement within the minds of Hillary and Bill and within their own campaign.

The evidence is not just within the remarks of James Carville. They go far deeper and there is a pattern of them.

It is the feeling of betrayal that exposes that raw nerve, however. It is the constant denigrating remarks for Obama while building John McCain up. It is the fact that only once in 24 elections, has Hillary actually congratulated him or acknowledged his victory and her defeat. It is a lack of the common respect and decency toward a fellow candidate.

Once again, the Carville remark is an obvious warning to any other person with Clinton connections to toe the line or be scalded with boiling water within the press. Such reactionary retaliation is something learned in the ruthless power of the White House, and has never been practiced by candidates before they reached that lofty post.

It is a skill that within politics is known as discipline, but within life is known simply as what it is, “ruthless”.

Clinton supporters, mostly women in empty nests who have equated to the Hillary position often worship the “toughness” of Hillary. But this shows the true Hillary that some of us have seen before and have not forgotten. It is the seed of contempt, or maybe even advancing contempt of its own. It is a seething feeling awaiting a ‘mark’; an anger boiling for release.

It isn’t frustration. We will see a continuing round of whining about coverage; blaming others; and slicing as we Democrats see our chances of winning in the Fall played as if they are the fodder of this “entitlement”.

For it is also the truth when spoken that the scorched earth, “kitchen sink” strategy has already fed directly into the third McBush term. And it will not subside when launched by those that feel entitled and now cheated.

There is substance to a point that an Obama campaign which has played by the rules; won the most states, popular vote and delegates would react by sitting out the election if the nomination was wrested away by super delegates. Even with moderate support, Hillary Clinton’s national negatives remain at over 50%, and that is near assurance that she is unelectable. Independents will simply not vote for Hillary Clinton in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan or other states. They will favor McBush especially with eight years of campaign fodder awaiting the general election, and at every turn the continuing campaign compresses the general election timeframe to where the negatives of the Clinton White House plus these last fifteen months of campaigning will be the library for the campaign and the 527 Swift Boat ads.

Obama will be assaulted also. Can he withstand it? Is he tough enough, say the Clintons as part of their assault upon him; a part of their kitchen sink?

There is one thing for sure, the race for the White House has shown to honestly have little to do with your problems and mine of paying the bills; buying gas; sending the sons and daughters of the poor and middle class to fight an unpopular war; of worrying about the future of aging parents. None of these issues are even vaguely comparable to the blind and seething ambition of the Clintons or their supporters.

That is the proof – dead proof – that this race is based on the Clinton feeling of Entitlement – not you, me, or the nation. This is about the Clintons.

All of the charm was just another ploy. The authenticity is not in empathy or care; but is within raw ambition.

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