Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bush White House: I wasn't involved... [VIDEO]

Posted by Evan Derkacz at 1:50 PM on March 21, 2007.

... but if I was, it's a security issue...

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The White House has attempted to portray itself as forthcoming in the investigation of the politically-motivated firings of US Attorneys.

They've been as forthcoming as kid who stole a pie telling his mother that you can search his knees if you like -- both of them, even.

In the clip to the right, CNN's Ed Henry confronts Tony Snow in today's Gonzales press conference about a gap in emails provided and what they might show. Snow essentially says: Uh uh, you're not going to make ME the fabricator. Make them do it.

He then points out that Snow's claims that the president wasn't briefed about no stinking attorney firings are suspicious given the fact that, as Lane Hudson notes: "if no conversations occurred with the president, and no advice was given, then how can the White House assert executive privilege, claiming the need to shield presidential advice?"

Never mind the fact that executive privilege only exists to protect national security, not the president's ass.

Hmm, isn't there an old joke in the law biz that deals with this defense?


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