Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Help defeat the War on Drugs with a few clicks!‏

To: The 140,276 signers of Obama: Fix U.S. Drug Policy!

Friends of drug policy reform:

We all know that the War on Drugs is a failure. Well, this is probably the simplest thing I'll ever ask you to do to help end it. And it will have a huge impact.

Chase Bank is giving $25,000 to 100 organizations who get the most votes on Facebook. Students for Sensible Drug Policy is in the top 100, and if we stay there until Friday, we'll win $25K and be entered into the next round of voting for a chance at $1 Million!

Please vote for us and ask your friends to do the same by visiting the following link:

This is a BIG opportunity for us to show how many people oppose the War on Drugs and to raise money that will fund our advocacy. I know that with your help we can make it happen!

You also have 19 votes left to support other organizations in the contest. Please vote for these two great organizations who are also very close to winning:

Marijuana Policy Project:

National Youth Rights Association:

Thank you for doing your part by clicking for reform!

Micah Daigle, Executive Director
Students for Sensible Drug Policy

P.S. Got a few extra minutes? Help us spread the word to your friends by...

-Entering into your Facebook or Twitter status.
-Forwarding this message to your friends.
-Joining this Facebook event and inviting your friends:
-Setting your profile photo to this image:

P.P.S. I've never seen so much momentum toward ending the War on Drugs before this year. Click here for "10 Signs That the Failed Drug War is Finally Ending" by our friend Tony at the Drug Policy Alliance:

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