Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stop HR 875, The Food Fascism Act, Like Our Lives Depended On It (Because They Do)‏

HR 875 Is Not About Food safety, It's About Genocide of Agricultural

One of the most potentially dangerous bills we've ever heard of is
trying to sneak its way through Congress right now, in the sheep's
clothing of so-called "modernization" of food safety. HR 875 (text of
bill) is a bill put up by Monsanto and other monolithic corporations
trying to seize totalitarian control over all agriculture. It was
introduced by Rosa DeLauro, and is ultimately about one thing,
defining ONLY their own GMO products as "safe".

What makes the bill so dangerous is that it is heavy on penalties
including prison time, while at the same time being incredibly vague
about what would actually trigger those sanctions. HR 875 is nothing
but a Trojan horse, with an invading army to be designated later, in
the form of a bureaucratic administrator (most likely a corporate
lobbyist shill) with draconian LAW MAKING POWER to make up their own
definitions so that all competitors are either driven into bankruptcy
or locked up. There are problems with food safety we can talk about,
but HR 875 is not going to make us safer, any more than invading Iraq
made us safer. It MUST be stopped.

Stop HR 875 Action Page:

So in the midst of this attempted Panzer action by Monsanto, are we
hearing about any of this in our propaganda based mainstream media?
No, they distract our attention talking about Michelle Obama's
adorable organic garden at the White House, as if she is making
agricultural policy.

But will that little White House garden end up as something like a
diorama, a quaint reenactment of what farming used too be like when
it was healthy, they way they would reenact Betsy Ross sewing the
first American flag? Will they lull us into complacency while down
the street Congress at the same time paves the way for breaking the
back of every small farmer in the country, turning our entire
agricultural system into a chemically overtreated, Genetically
Mutated Organism (GMO) nightmare?

Hell, No! Not if we will have anything to say about it. And you can
bet the farm we will.

We'd like to also remind our Facebook participants that all action
pages can be found in their system as well. So let's get all our
Facebook friends in on the activist resource there.

Facebook Version: (must be a
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And we are working very hard on even more magical new code to expand
the access options for getting a message through to Congress even
further. Please stay tuned and we will have some amazing news for you
shortly. We will start beta testing the new module by the weekend.

We just got the "Convict Dick & W" caps in for those who have
requested in the last week or so, and another bulk shipment for all
of you will hit the post office by this coming Tuesday. So if you
have not requested yours yet, to demonstrate that the words "Justice
For All" actually means something, you can request yours here.

Convict Dick & W Caps:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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