Saturday, July 28, 2007

Citizen Media Goes Primetime

Citizen Media Goes Primetime

The YouTube/CNN presidential debate was a historic moment for citizen media. In this special coverage package, MediaChannel has gathered reviews and reactions to the debate.


Rory O’Connor on CBCNews
Rory O’Connor live on CBCNews (7.23.07) discussing the CNN/YouTube debate. Will MSM fascination with citizen media triumph over its fear?

Complete Debate Video
Watch the entire debate on CNN’s website.

Debate Transcript:
Part 1
Part 2

Debate Reaction:

Master Control
Rory O’Connor, MediaChannel
Rory O’Connor recaps the YouTube/CNN presidential debate.

Their debate
Jeff Jarvis, Buzz Machine
I am sorely disappointed. CNN selected too many obvious, dutiful, silly questions. Anderson Cooper didn’t pace the debate; he tried to trip the runners.

Live Blogging the YouTube Debate
The YouTube Campaign-2008 headquarters.

You Asked, They Answered - and History Was Made
American politics entered a brave new world of citizen participation Monday night with a presidential debate that was the first of its kind - one in which ordinary Americans posed questions via provocative and refreshing homemade videos posted on YouTube, the pioneering video-sharing Internet site.

YouTube Video Debate Actually Worked
By Declan McCullagh, CNET
It may have seemed wacky at first, but the idea of allowing Americans to pose questions to presidential candidates through brief YouTube videos turned out to be a success.

YouTube Presidential Debate Blazes Trail
By Mark Z. Barabak and Michael Finnegan, LA Times
Amateur inquisitors on home video ask Democratic candidates about everything from global warming to the birds and the bees.

Candidates struggle to connect in YouTube presidential debate
Tom Baldwin, TimesOnline
An event billed as the dawn of a new age of internet politics left Democratic presidential candidates looking a little old and often bleared-eyed, last night.

New rules in a new age
By Nedra Pickler, Associated Press
Young, Internet-savvy voters challenged Democratic presidential hopefuls on Iraq, the military draft and the candidates’ own place in a broken political system, playing starring roles in a provocative, video-driven debate Monday night.

YouTube/CNN presidential debate gets mixed reviews
Heather Havenstein, ComputerWorld
Questions more authentic, but format needs work, say academics, bloggers.

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