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At 8a.m. Monday July 23: Google Search Shows 2,000,300 Results under "Impeach Cheney Bush"

July 23, 2007 at 08:53:19

At 8a.m. Monday July 23: Google Search Shows 2,000,300 Results under "Impeach Cheney Bush"

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This author, ALONE, was surprised yesterday (July 22, 2007) when he did a search on google for these combinations of words: "Impeach Cheney and Bush". The results total stated 2,000,000. Suddenly, ALONE, the author, did not feel so alone in his--and his fellow American's-- campaign to restore and improve America's integrity in the world marveled at the news

The author, who wrote one-day later the letter below to his congressmen and senators & sent it at just before 8a.m. Kuwait time , thought to himself, "How many hits does Google show less than 120 hours later, at 8a.m. Kuwait time on July 23, 2007.

The new results were 30,000 results higher. So, at this moment there are in a single 30,000 more sites in a single day, where quite possibly people are promoting the idea that it is time to impeach the current president and and vice-president of the United States.

ALONE said, "This is great progess and he encourages his fellow Americans to keep up the progress."

Here was his letter to Senators Brownback and Roberts o f Kansas.


Dear Sirs

I just did a google search and there are 2,000,000 hits for sites, web pages and articles discussing the reasons and need to impeach the president and vice president. This is necessary and proper. Please join the millions of Americans who seek impeachment--if not a conviction. America's destiny demands it.

With the sad episode of America's great presidential power falling into the hands of criminally culpable Dick Cheney during George W. Bush's surgery for a few hours this past weekend, I call on all Americans to call their Senators, e-mail their congressmen, and demand their local political party's get Impeachment started against the President and the Vice President immediately!

Why now-so late in this era of misguided administration with all its crimes, runaway shenanigans and malfeasances?

First, as an overseas American working on various continents over these past two decades I know that my life and work have been endangered by the poorly calculated acts and war crimes of the current administration. There are tens of millions of Americas living and working overseas, including military personnel and their families who have had their lives more threatened than ever by the neo-con grab of Iraq and in a so-called Endless War on Terror carried out without support of and respect to the United Nations, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Geneva Convention, & all previously known concepts of Just War Theory from churchman and statesmen over the last 2000 years.

Second, the TIME IS NOW TO IMPEACH because if the USA doesn't even impeach (not even necessarily convict) this president and vice president we will all have lost the very last opportunity to prove to the Middle East (where I now live) that Americans (both progressive and conservative ones) can control their regime. That's right. THE TIME is NOW because if we don't start the impeachment soon, it will be another 100 to 200 years before the Middle East and several other corners of the world will take seriously the best facets of the Great American Democratic Project started in 1776. Many parts of the WORLD have long-term memory-even if FOX News, Lieberman, and Rove don't have any memory at all of truth and facts about history.

Third, according to attorney Alex Wallenwein, within less than 30 days Bush's newest executive orders go into effect. This new outrageous bill is to be combined with Bush's 2001 and 2003 emergency powers acts and executive orders. This is the "Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq". Wallenwein states, "Once this [order] becomes law, he [Bush] has all the tools Hitler and Stalin had to keep their respective populations in utter subjection to their will." For this reason alone, the TIME IS NOW to roll-back the clock on out-of-control governance.

Tell Congress to rollback legislation and such executive orders now!

Impeach Now!

Here are where you can get hold of you can get a hold of your congressmen and some of your political parties. Contact them now and protect Americans living and working abroad!

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KEVIN STODA has been blessed to have either traveled in or worked in nearly 100 countries on five continents over the past two and a half decades. He sees himself as a peace educator and have been a promoter of good economic and social development--making him an enemy of my homelands humongous spending and its focus on using weapons to try and solve global issues.

"I am from Kansas so I also use the pseudonym 'Kansas' when I write and publish. I keep two blogs--one with blogger and one with GNN. My writings range from reviews to editorials or to travel observations. I also make recommendations related to policy--having both a strong background in teaching foreign languages and degrees in teaching in history and the social sciences. As a midwesterner, I also write on religion and living out ones faith whether it be as a Christian, Muslim or Buddhist perspective."

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