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D-I-V-O-R-C-E; Dems vs Organized Labor

July 10, 2010 at 13:47:03

D-I-V-O-R-C-E; Dems vs Organized Labor

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For OpEdNews: Richard Girard - Writer

Comes Organized Labor, hereafter referred to as the Complainant, before this honorable Court of Public Opinion to request that a temporary order of separation be granted in the common law marriage between the Complainant, and the Democratic Party, hereafter referred to as the Respondent.
This order is pursuant to a possible permanent order of separation and filing for a decree of divorcement by the Complainant if the the Respondent does nothing in the next twelve (12) months to correct the Respondent's current wrongful actions against the Complainant within their common law marriage. Among these wrongful actions are:

1.Mental Cruelty, in that the Respondent expects the emotional, electoral, and financial support of the Complainant without providing any support to the Complainant in return. Additionally, the Respondent expects the Complainant to support the Respondent's friends and associates, even if those friends and associates have been abusive to the Complainant in the past. Finally, the Respondent expects the Complainant to abandon all of the Complainant's friends and associates who have supported her against the Respondent's and his friends' and associates' abuse.

2.Adultery, in that the Respondent has not only been associating but colluding in public with Big Business, aka Multinational Corporations, Wall Street, Big Oil, etc., hereafter referred to as the Co-Respondent; who has a history of harming, demeaning, defaming, libeling, and otherwise doing everything in the Co-Respondent's power to damage and destroy the life, livelihood, well-being and sanity of the Complainant, up to and including the hiring of goons to to attempt to physically and emotionally break or even kill the Complainant. For the Co-Respondent's latest actions with regards to the Respondent, Notice is herewith given to this Court of the intention of the Complainant to file a separate suit for Alienation of Affection.

3.Failure to provide financial support to the Complainant, including a failure to provide any sort of meaningful health coverage to the Complainant or the Complainant's extended family, in spite of a promise, made in front of multiple witnesses, to do so. If Complainant is forced to proceed with a divorce, we will inquire of the Respondent during deposition what role, if any, the Co-Respondent played in the failure of the Respondent to follow through on his promise.

4.Emotional Child Abuse, in that the Complainant's and Respondent's three minor dependent children, Civil Rights, Labor Rights, and Small "d" Democracy, have been not only been neglected by the Respondent, but held up to ridicule and other emotional trauma by the aforementioned friends and associates of the Respondent, including the Co-Respondent, which has seriously affected the growth and well being of these minor dependent children, leaving them physically stunted and emotionally scarred.

This has been a very long and fruitful relationship, and it is only the fact that we have seen our neighbor the Religious Right, receive much the same abuse from their common law spouse, the Republican Party, that makes it incumbent on us to try and stop this while there is still a chance that the relationship might be salvaged. Complainant does not want a divorce: Complainant wants the caring Party that we have been living with for almost eight decades. But we will not be taken for granted.
For the Complainant:

Richard J. Girard, R.R.Ex.

cc: Ulysses Ketcham

William E. Chetham

Anders Howe

Richard Girard is an increasingly radical representative of the disabled and disenfranchised members of America's downtrodden, who suffers from bipolar disorder (type II or type III, the professionals do not agree). He has put together a team to (more...)

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