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New evidence of Secret Service complicity in the JFK assassination‏ on behalf of DickM (

April 7, 2010 MADISON, Wisconsin -- Douglas Horne, who served as the Senior Analyst for Military Affairs of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), has now published INSIDE THE ARRB (2009), a five-volume study of the efforts of the board to declassify documents and records held by the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, and other government organizations related to the assassination of JFK.

Horne -- in Vol. IV of INSIDE THE ARRB (2009), has also demonstrated that the home movie of the assassination known as "the Zapruder film" -- and others that correspond to it, such as the Nix and Muchmore films -- have been massively edited to remove indications of Secret Service complicity in the crime and to add other events to these films in order to sow confusion and conceal evidence of the true causes of death of John F. Kennedy.

There are many proofs that the film has been fabricated—including that the driver brought the limo to a halt to make sure he would be killed and more than 60 witness reports of the limo stop.

Comment: This is the most damning evidence as it proves what I already write about in my online book….the CIA plotted to kill JFK. See:

Indeed, in an appendix to Vol. IV, Horne explains that a copy of the film has now been studied by Hollywood exerts, who found that the blow-out to the back of his head had been painted over in black in an amateurish effort to obfuscate the blow out, which can actually be seen in a few later frames, including 372 and 374.

Horne has made a forceful declaration to set the record straight:

I know, from my former role as a government official on the staff of the ARRB (from 1995-1998), that there is overwhelming evidence of a government-directed medical cover-up in the death of JFK, and of wholesale destruction of autopsy photographs, autopsy x-rays, early versions of the autopsy report, and biological materials associated with the autopsy. Furthermore, dishonest autopsy photographs were created; skull x-rays were altered; the contents of the autopsy report changed over time as different versions were produced; and the brain photographs in the National Archives cannot be photographs of President Kennedy's brain -- they are fraudulent, substitute images of someone else's brain.

Comment: Pres. Johnson ordered the cover-up for fear that it would get American's all worked-up if they learned that Oswald had connections with the Soviets and Castro, and therein indicate the Soviets or Castor killed JFK, triggering a nuclear war which hawks in the US military were pushing for. The question I have is, when did the falsification of autopsy photographs, etc. start? Did it start before Hoover told Johnson that the CIA also may have killed JFK the day after the assassination? Yes, Hoover told this to Johnson on the morning following the assassination that either the Soviet or Castro, or the CIA was responsible to the assassination.

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