Thursday, March 05, 2009

Barry Bonds, The GOP's Makeover and Bush/Cheney‏

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Calling Bush and Cheney to Account
JOHN NICHOLS | Feingold, ACLU argue that, where the facts support them, prosecutions should be pursued.

The GOP's Hip-Hop Makeover
ARI MELBER | Michael Steele's getting funky, frantically remixing the GOP message, in hopes of reaching new generation of conservative voters. Is anybody listening?

Understanding Barry Bonds
DAVE ZIRIN | This is not about steroids, or an arrogant athlete getting his comeuppance--it's about the mess Bush made of the Justice Department.

Open Letter to Defend Shirin Ebadi
KATHA POLLITT | Yes, you can be for human rights and against war.

What to Do With 1200 Pounds of Bull
LAURA FLANDERS | Some useful lessons from women's history.

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photo Lab Test
WILLIAM DERESIEWICZ | Does the profit motive distort and degrade the unpredictable path of scientific discovery?


The Revolution of Non-Violence
Wednesday, March 11, 7:00pm, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago
Nation Peace and Disarmament Correspondent and award-winning author Jonathan Schell will speak on the neglected tradition of non-violence and the major victories achieved by through non-violent resistance including the end of the British raj, the American civil rights revolution, and the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Help end slavery in Florida.


Watch Nation Contributing Editor and Professor of Russian Studies and History at New York University Stephen F. Cohen this Sunday, March 8 at 1:00 and 5:00pm on Fareed Zakaria's CNN program, GPS where he'll be discussing US/Russian relations.

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