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Top 10 Headlines:

ELECTION 2008 | Reuters Examines Future Agenda for Abortion Rights Supporters Under Obama Administration [Nov. 24, 2008]
Reuters on Sunday examined how abortion rights advocates "expect to advance their agenda" under President-elect Barack Obama, an abortion-rights supporter.
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STATE POLITICS & POLICY | GOP Majority in Tenn. Legislature Likely To Support Constitutional Amendment To Limit Abortion [Nov. 25, 2008]
With Republican majorities in both the state House and Senate, abortion-rights opponents in Tennessee are launching a long-term effort aimed at passing a state constitutional amendment that would clear the way for limiting protections for abortion rights, the Tennessean reports.
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ON THE BLOGS | Blogs Examine Obama Appointees, Ovarian Cancer Test, European Abortion Laws [Nov. 25, 2008]
Blogs can provide interesting commentary and perspective on reproductive health and rights. Read a few of our selected picks this week from RH Reality Check, Our Bodies Our Blog, and Birth Control Watch.
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PREGNANCY & CHILDBIRTH | Weight Loss Surgery Helps Obese Women Have Healthier Pregnancies, Infants [Nov. 21, 2008]
Women who become pregnant after undergoing bariatric surgery have less complicated pregnancies and healthier infants than obese women who become pregnant, according to a new study, the New York Times reports.
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ABORTION NEWS | Washington Post Magazine Examines Medical Students' Decision Whether To Become Abortion Providers [Nov. 24, 2008]
The Washington Post Magazine on Sunday examined challenges medical students face when considering whether to become abortion providers.
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INTERNATIONAL NEWS | Uruguay Lawmakers Fail To Override Presidential Veto of Bill That Would Decriminalize Abortion [Nov. 24, 2008]
Lawmakers in Uruguay last week failed to garner the three-fifths vote in each chamber needed to override the recent presidential veto of a bill that would have decriminalized abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, AFP/Yahoo! News reports.
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ON THE BLOGS | Blogs Comment on Bill To Block HHS Conscience Rule, Future of Antiabortion Movement, Oklahoma Ultrasound Law [Nov. 21, 2008]
Blogs can provide interesting commentary and perspective on reproductive health and rights. Read a few of our selected picks this week from RH Reality Check, Feministing, ProLifeBlogs, and National Right to Life Committee blog.
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ELECTION 2008 | Family Research Council Criticizes Obama Pick for HHS Secretary on Basis of Abortion Position [Nov. 21, 2008]
The conservative group Family Research Council said President-elect Barack Obama's selection of former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) as HHS secretary demonstrates that the next president will not govern from the "middle" on issues related to abortion, reports.
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INTERNATIONAL NEWS | Improved Access To Safe Abortion Needed To Reduce Maternal Death Rate in Ghana, Advocate Says [Nov. 21, 2008]
Ghana's government should increase efforts to encourage safe abortion procedures and provide reproductive health education to reduce its maternal mortality rate, Jehu Appiah -- country director of Ipas Ghana -- said in a recent speech during an advocate training meeting at the University of Ghana, Ghana's Statesman reports.
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INTERNATIONAL NEWS | Guardian Examines Rise in British School Presentations by Antiabortion Groups [Nov. 26, 2008]
On Tuesday, the Guardian newspaper in England examined increased efforts by abortion-rights opponents there to make antiabortion presentations in school religious education classes.
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