Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jon Stewart Attacks Fox News: 'It's a F**k You to People With Brains'

Posted by Isaac Fitzgerald, AlterNet at 1:53 PM on August 26, 2008.

Stewart doesn't think much of Fox's slogan, or their reporting; actually he doesn't think much of any cable news network.

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Jon Stewart attacked cable news networks yesterday, taking the time to specifically call out Fox for its biased coverage and misleading slogan. As always, Stewart's analysis was as funny as it was true. The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz has the story:

DENVER, Aug. 25 -- Jon Stewart ripped the cable news networks Monday as a "brutish, slow-witted beast" and castigated Fox News as "an appendage of the Republican Party."
Wearing a gray T-shirt and a healthy stubble, the "Daily Show" host told reporters that Fox's fair-and-balanced slogan is "a (expletive) you to people with brains" and that only "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace "saves that network from slapping on a bumper sticker ... Barack Obama could cure cancer and they'd figure out a way to frame it as an economic disaster."
"I'm stunned to see Karl Rove on a news network as an analyst," he said of the Bush White House aide-turned Fox commentator.

In his remarks, Stewart also included CNN and MSNBC in a far-ranging indictment of what he called "that false sense of urgency they create, the sense that everything is breaking news ... The 24-hour networks are now driving the narratives and everyone else is playing catch-up."

Stewart has criticized cable news in the past. Yesterday, though, the networks weren't the only ones to receive Stewart's insightful rancor:

He also took a swipe at the Democrats' choice of Denver, saying it hardly helps a party accused of elitism. "They chose a place that is literally one mile above the American people," he said. "I guess Mount Olympus was booked."


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