Thursday, May 08, 2008


Bill Clinton in New Hampshire: "Folks, it's always a mistake to bet against America. It was tough in 1968, and we came back. It was tough in 1992 and we wound up with the eight best years we've had in modern history."

That is if you don't count the following, all of which got worse

1920s like decline in the over the counter stock market
Minimum wage as % of average wage
Real income
Real manufacturing wages
Income gap between rich and poor
Bottom 40% decline in wealth
Foreign debt as a percent of GDP
Workers covered by defined benefit pensions
Personal bankruptcies
Housing foreclosures
Poverty rate
U.S. auto industry relative to foreign car makers
Number of persons in prisons
Drug induced deaths despite drug war
Civil liberties lost as result of drug war
Increase in black work hours for same pay
Black families net worth
Health care benefit with pension
Number of families without health insurance
% of corporations with employee health benefits
Premature & low birthrate babies
Childhood obesity
Health expenditures as percent of GDP
Decline in public hospitals
Number of corporations controlling most media
Births to unwed mothers
Student loan debt
Per capita new spending on prisons vs. schools
High school completion rate
College completion rate
Democratic margins in House
Voters who describe themselves as Democrats
Decline in voting participation
Decline in 18-24 voting participation
What farmers got for their products
Wages of recent male high school grad
Wages of bottom ten percent of workers
Total hours worked per family
% of workers with defined benefits pension plan
Solid waste per American per day

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